WTF GFM – A Love Letter

UPDATE 11/10/20: New campaign link is: Thank you!

This is the latest update on my GoFundMe campaign. I’m cross-posting here to keep everyone informed.

Hello everyone. If you don’t know, I’ve spent 3 out of the last 4 months in the hospital with heart-related issues. Nearly died. Not fun. But I’m finally home now and catching up with things. One thing I’m bummed about is that GoFundMe (GFM) is telling me that I need to delete and restart my campaign because of some changes they’ve made on the back-end. Donations are frozen at this time. It’s forcing me to look at another fundraising organization; one that only deals with medical issues and keeps the funds away from my “assets” and is tax deductible for you. Maybe GoFundMe was tax deductible too, I’m not sure. But this other one definitely is. So….

Here’s the thing. I’ve been unable to work for most of this year because of the hospital stays — and my contractorship had to be given to someone else in my absence so I basically have no job and meanwhile I’ve learned I’m a LOT closer to needing a transplant than I thought. I’m finally in the stages of getting on the transplant list and don’t have much further to go so I will soon be on the list and then I’ll get a new heart as soon as a match comes in. I’m very scared about this but that’s another story.

What I’m trying to say is…. I have had to start using my GFM funds to pay for things already… and it’s running out quick. I want to ask you all to consider making another donation, if you can spare it. But of course we’ll have to wait until I have either a new campaign with a different fundraising campaign or a new one with GFM. Please use the link to always be brought to the most up-to-date campaign I have going. I won’t be able to contact you after this so I want to use these last few lines of text to thank you for your donations thus far and, like I said, I hope you’ll consider donating to my new campaign whenever that’s up. You can also always check for news on or follow me on Twitter at @cozbaldwin.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

P.S. In the meantime, if you wish to donate, you can do so at


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