Happy Birthday, Live at Home

It’s been about a year since I released my album, Live at Home.

I thought one way to commemorate it is to fully release 2 original songs that I never finished and call them “instrumental demos.”

Technically, I put them up on YouTube and BandCamp back with the rest of the album but I never really made mention of them. Now, they’re on Spotify and Apple Music and all the other streaming platforms you can think of… including TikTok and Instagram. Yeah!

So these are attempts at writing original songs for the first time in 15 years but I failed to ever come up with lyrics for. Still, I think they’re pretty alright, so I hope you like them.

They’re called “3:10 to Yuma” and “Raging Waters”.

You can find them on my Spotify page, Apple Music page, or others. But for the sake of ease, I will embed the YouTube videos here. Enjoy!


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