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  • The End of The Road

    The End of The Road

    A very important update on the state of my health. It's kind of imperative you read it, please. The prognosis is, unfortunately, not good.  Read More »
  • Version 12 is Here

    Version 12 is Here

    Due to the old theme I was using deciding to remove one of the sidebars, I have decided to not use it anymore and switch to another theme. I’m still working on it, though, so what you see here may not be finalized for another few weeks. Perhaps longer, because, obviously I don’t pay much attention to this website anymore. (Yet I can’t ever let it die…) Farewell version 11 (11.5).  Read More »
  • Health Vlog 3/7/21

    Health Vlog 3/7/21

  • WTF GFM – A Love Letter

    WTF GFM – A Love Letter

    This is the latest update on my GoFundMe campaign. I'm cross-posting here to keep everyone informed.  Read More »
  • Happy Birthday, Live at Home

    Happy Birthday, Live at Home

    Happy Birthday, Live at Home! Here's some new(ish) music!  Read More »
  • I Made Another Album!

    I Made Another Album!

    I mean, I sort of made a new album. Not really. I just re-released my old album, To whom it may concern...  Read More »
  • I Made an Album

    I Made an Album

    I wasn't expecting to. It just kind of... happened.  Read More »
  • Hurt


    I’ve been continuously working on recording songs; cover songs, in hopes that I will get my brain in the right space to start writing my own songs again. It’s not working yet. I mean, I’ve written some music. Nearly 2 complete songs, including the one in my last post. But they’re just sitting there, waiting for lyrics. Still, I’m not giving up yet. Today I saw a psychiatrist and got some meds changed. That might be just what I need. Since my last post, I’ve recorded two more cover songs. One of them is a cover of Tally Hall’s “Never Meant to Know”. The other is a cover of Johnny Cash’s version of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”. You can play  Read More »
  • The Big One

    The Big One

    "...he basically sat me down and told me I needed a heart transplant."  Read More »
  • Pigeons Carry Diseases and Muss Up the Place

    Pigeons Carry Diseases and Muss Up the Place

    You know those rare moments when something triggers a laughing fit that just goes on forever? An hour, at least. I miss them. This scene; watched when I was about 15 or 16, completely blew me away. A clip, out of context, will certainly not have the same effect on anyone else, but I was a young teenager, trying to soak in all the David Lynch I could via Blockbuster Video. My friend Tom and I were renting Lynch’s movies one after another, submerging ourselves in the bizarre, dark and often frightening surrealism of Lynch’s work. For days. So when we got to this scene in WILD AT HEART, we both quickly collapsed in hysterics. Rewinded the tape about 30  Read More »

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