I Made Another Album!

I mean, I sort of made a new album. Not really. I just re-released my old album, To whom it may concern…

After seeing how simple it was to get Live at Home up on the streaming sites and knowing my distribution account allows for unlimited uploads (as long as it’s the same artist), I figured… why not!

There are still people that enjoy that album and have told me they still listen to it from time to time. I would like to think that adding it to these streaming sites will just make it that much easier for them — and others — to listen more often.

I should point out that without this album, there’d be no cozbaldwin.com. At least, I don’t think there would be.

It was while I was recording it that I realized I will need a website. So I got my friend Lane to help build me one and I later took it from there. Which then led me down a path of web design and into the career that I have now. It’s all come full circle, folks!

If you didn’t know, this album is an attempt at a concept album. I mean, I was 19 and had big dreams, can you blame me for being so utterly predictable? But yeah… the album is supposed to read like one big story; the story of a relationship from beginning to end. Actually, from before the beginning to after the end. That’s why the art design utilizes lined notebook paper textures, like it’s the drafting of a book. The fonts used are primarily my own handwriting or a typewriter font. That’s why the tracks are called chapters.

It was a whole thing.

No one really cared.

Anyway, I recommend Bandcamp for various reasons, not the least of which is: They allow me to write a little introduction to each song along with the lyrics, so that’s fun. You can read each introduction there if you wish.

Oh and the liner notes and credits are on there.

To save you some time, let me just go through the credits with you now, while I’m talking about it. And oh, if you’re curious, there’s an easter egg that no one’s found in nearly 20 years. See if you can find it in the images attached.


Released August 1, 2000 

Recorded in 1999 at Clay Creek Studios in Newark, DE. 

Much thanks goes to family & friends who have supported my music, Joyce Lutza, Jill Bell, Lane Collins, Currently BLEU (Andrew Bochanski and Tom Lowes), John Newman, Judy Faith, Melissa Holt, Nick Rotundo, Jim Seaman, Daniel Reilly, Fiona Apple for her inspiration and existence, Bob Baldwin, Callie Grant, Alissa Kemble, and most importantly to the people who’ve inspired the writing of these songs. It is to you that this concerns…

Recorded at
Clay Creek Studios, Newark, DE.
Recorded/Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Nick Rotundo, Clay Creek Studios.
Produced by Nick Rotundo and Coz Baldwin

Cover Photo: Callie Grant
Additional Photos: Alissa Kemble

All Design: Coz Baldwin

All lyrics by Coz Baldwin except “Cyrana by Ernest Dowson from his powm “Cynara” and “Piece of Me” by Andrew Bochanski and Coz Baldwin.
All original music by Coz Baldwin.
All bass by John Newman. All drums by Nick Rotundo except “Until I Find Love” by Bob Baldwin. Acoustic Guitar on “Forever Endeavor” by John Newman. Everything else by Coz Baldwin

CD Manufacturing by RainTree.

Distributed worldwide (in 2019) by DistroKid

Wow… Change of Subject…

While preparing this post, I just learned that Nick Rotundo, the guy who recorded me and did so much on this record passed away a couple years ago. I owe so much to him for this record even though I know he had absolutely no love for this music at all. It was totally not his style. He never put me in his client list. But he still did the best he could for me and I’ve never taken that for granted.

The weird thing is, that means everyone involved with this album is now dead. My dad, John, and Nick were the only players. Guess I’m next to go whether I like it or not!


I’ll tell you the easter egg. It’s on the back panel of the booklet (seen above in the top image).


Three capital I’s. To represent 3 fingers held up. Which is what Joyce and I did to say “I Love You.” The album is primarily written about her. The last song’s lyrics are also on that final page of the booklet.
“I wonder if it’s you I miss or just having you around. I may never know until you do.” The whole ending of the song was saying “we’ve moved on and I’ll write about being OK with that. But really, I still love you.”

OH! I also paid a little extra to have these albums permanently online — so even if I die, they’ll still be findable and you’ll still be able to listen to them. This music is, in fact, just about all I can claim as my legacy.

And you can listen to that legacy right here:


Create until nothing is left to create.

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