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  • WTF GFM – A Love Letter

    WTF GFM – A Love Letter

    This is the latest update on my GoFundMe campaign. I'm cross-posting here to keep everyone informed.
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  • Happy Birthday, Live at Home

    Happy Birthday, Live at Home

    Happy Birthday, Live at Home! Here's some new(ish) music!
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  • I Made Another Album!

    I Made Another Album!

    I mean, I sort of made a new album. Not really. I just re-released my old album, To whom it may concern...
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  • I Made an Album

    I Made an Album

    I wasn't expecting to. It just kind of... happened.
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  • Hurt


    I’ve been continuously working on recording songs; cover songs, in hopes that I will get my brain in the right space to start writing my own songs again. It’s not working yet. I mean, I’ve written some music. Nearly 2 …
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  • The Big One

    The Big One

    "...he basically sat me down and told me I needed a heart transplant."
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  • Pigeons Carry Diseases and Muss Up the Place

    Pigeons Carry Diseases and Muss Up the Place

    You know those rare moments when something triggers a laughing fit that just goes on forever? An hour, at least. I miss them. This scene; watched when I was about 15 or 16, completely blew me away. A clip, out …
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  • Looking Back on Point of View

    Looking Back on Point of View

    An old friend, Julie, suddenly came back into my life yesterday and reminded me of this song that I wrote when I was about 16. “I See Myself”. She didn’t have to remind me, actually, as there’d been tiny bits …
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  • How Mel Gibson Shaped My Philosophy

    How Mel Gibson Shaped My Philosophy

    Here's something I've been thinking about a lot, lately. For the last year, at least, I've been trying to focus in on a particular idea; one that has been a driving force in my life for a very long time. …
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  • Version 11 Launched

    Version 11 Launched

    Let’s be honest, there’s barely a need for this blog to exist on the web anymore. So why am I still updating the look and feel? Trust me, I barely put any time into this.  My old theme was old, …
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  • Testing, testing… testosterone

    Testing, testing… testosterone

    I posted a fairly vague update the other day on Facebook/Twitter about some bad tests. It’s not like me to be vague; I prefer to be an open book with nothing to hide. But some things I hold back on …
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  • Fox29 is THE WORST

    Fox29 is THE WORST

    ATTN:  This post has inspired a new Tumblr blog for continual updates. Enjoy! http://fox29istheworst.tumblr.com/   My local Fox affiliate, WTXF FOX29 in Philadelphia, has the worst social media team ever.  The other day, they posted this: “We know it’s a Doggy …
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  • Near Death Experience: The Epilogue

    Near Death Experience: The Epilogue

    What I’m sitting down here to write is intended to be an epilogue to a post I made about four years ago called “Near Death Experience“.  It’s been four years and I never quite wrote that “Part 2” to the story, so …
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  • Ye Olde Blogs

    Ye Olde Blogs

    So, I finally went back and sort of converted the old blogs; the first year I ever blogged, into a semi-normal blog format and it’s now archived and searchable within WordPress.  I had to do it a lazy way, though. …
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  • Version 10 Launched

    Version 10 Launched

    I decided it was finally time to try and make this homepage a little more… a lot more focused on the Twitter feed and much less emphasis on the blog, which is almost never used.  So, cozbaldwin.com version 10 is …
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