He’s home! I took my dad home today. …

He’s home!

I took my dad home today. He’s quite weak, but I think he’ll be OK — especially now that he’s only got himself to rely on for getting around. Meanwhile, his friend will be soon working on the house and my old room, fixing it up, making a nice new room for me to move back in to. I’m excited to see what can be done with it.

Work is going well.

Wish it wasn’t so far away.

Wish it wasn’t so cold.

Wish there wasn’t a storm heading our way… I hate the winter but I’m liking my job. GOD! When was the last time I said I am liking my job??!?!!

Wish I didn’t have to enjoy this on my own.

That reminds me…

Coz Baldwin — 2003: Chapter 3

(Coming soon…)


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