Whew! I think the new Joel Perlish site is…


I think the new Joel Perlish site is done. Through many, many versions, I *think* we’ve come to a conclusion. I hope I’m not speaking too soon, here.

I’m now going to take you through a brief ride down memory lane. Not your memory lane… MINE.

Here is the current site he has which we planned on updating all the content and give it a face lift as well:


Here is my initial proposal:

Version 1 A stylish new look!

And here are the subsequent versions after following his direction of how he would really like to see it:

Version 2 Re-instating classic menu look.

Version 3 Addition of animated runner, bringing back the “photoguy.gif”, updated logo.

Version 4 Addition of icons to all menus, photoguy.gif was later added into the logo to resemble old site.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the final result and perhaps what will be the new official joelperlish.com which we hope to launch next week.

Final Version All menu icons animated, new color scheme to resemble old site, centered header to fit in the bigger logo and photoguys, menu links updated, bookmarks at top and bottom of each page of content.

So all in all it does look better than the current site, however I can’t take much credit for designing it. Joel was really the main designer, here. I just acted as the hands to create it and bring it to life.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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