“Throw me around like your little rag doll,…

“Throw me around like your little rag doll, pulling and tugging at my strings.

Pushing my buttons. Pushing, pushing, pushing oh so hard. So hard until the sky goes black and the only light is the fire within me.

Gimme a care, a smile, a loving kiss. Give me something that I know I’ll miss tomorrow when the doors are shut. Forever.

An eye for an eye is what they say, and I have been blinded for months.

But for one brief moment, I was born again… screaming and shaking, and crying inside.”

I went to The North Star Bar tonight to see Grant-Lee Phillips (formerly of Grant Lee Buffalo) and M. Doughty (formerly of Soul Coughing) perform. Nice.

They need more places to sit, though. I was supposed to go with Doris-Jean but that fell through a few hours before the show. So I called Johanna… that also fell through, at the last minute, after she was an hour late and I lost my temper.

The result: We won’t be speaking anymore. The last straw has been broken, for both of us.

S’allight? S’allight.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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