Moving Along


chool is coming along smoothly. I’ve been learning a lot of fun and useful things. Next week I’ll finally break my Macromedia Flash hymen as well as learning even more about what Dreamweaver can do. I got a call from Visual Sound who may be using me as one of their freelance graphic and/or web designer. Monday I’ll be introduced to my first project for them. I’m excited about that.

In other news, my floors are fairly secured now. The drywall patching it halfway done but it’s the fact that I can actually walk around on the floor and not feel like I’m going to fall through to the basement at any given moment that pleases me most. Dan will be moving in come August and he wants to get the attic made into a lounging area. That would be awesome but I fear the trouble getting it looking nice is more work than it’s worth. Perhaps I’m being pessimistic, though. I’m more concerned with keeping the temperature at a comfortable level year round. I don’t think it’ll be place to hang out in the winter months, and how can you have such a lovely little cove and not use it? Maybe I’ll buy a couple space heaters or something…. I don’t know.

Also, April 30th this town is having a town-wide yard sale. I’ll be putting out a million-and-one things and hope to get rid of it all. If you know where I live, come by and buy some stuff. Please. I’ll have one of everything. Board games, furniture, old audio/video equipment, knick-knacks, collectibles, records, video games, CDs, comic books, sports stuff, nascar stuff, and much, much more!! Stop on by!


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