Pigeons Carry Diseases and Muss Up the Place

You know those rare moments when something triggers a laughing fit that just goes on forever? An hour, at least. I miss them. This scene; watched when I was about 15 or 16, completely blew me away.

A clip, out of context, will certainly not have the same effect on anyone else, but I was a young teenager, trying to soak in all the David Lynch I could via Blockbuster Video.

My friend Tom and I were renting Lynch’s movies one after another, submerging ourselves in the bizarre, dark and often frightening surrealism of Lynch’s work. For days.

So when we got to this scene in WILD AT HEART, we both quickly collapsed in hysterics. Rewinded the tape about 30 times to watch it over and over again. We didn’t even realize he was saying anything remotely coherent.

That kind of laugh might stop my heart these days, so I’m glad I was expecting it this time. Still got a chuckle out of me, though.


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