Musical May


o we know Tally Hall’s in Millvale on May 12th and I will probably be going. Well, 5 days after that it looks like TOOL will be playing at the magnificent Tower Theater (a mile from me). They’re doing a limited “theater” tour across the country, playing in smaller venues before going to Europe and most likely coming back to the US for their usual stadium tour. What an opportunity! There’s a great chance I will miss getting tickets due to the limited seating and thousands of people wanting to get a ticket. But I’m gonna try my best. This Saturday at 10am, tickets available through internet and phone only. You can bet I’ll be up at 8am, perched and ready to clickity-click away on Ticketmaster’s website. Maybe I’ll try calling at the same time, too. Hmm…

Tool’s first single from their new album debuted today. If you haven’t heard it, you should uh, go hear it. The album comes out May 2nd. YEEP!!

Circuit Theory now has a 6 song repertoire.


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