inally, I have a few minutes to write down what’s going on. Right. So, I switched hosting services. I used to love ProHosters who are now owned by Carpathia and they’ve quickly become a company I hate to deal with. So a co-worker told me about another service, Dreamhost, who offer amazing rates for a TON of stuff. I used to pay for separate accounts for each website, but now I pay for one at a slightly higher cost, and put all my sites under it… and YOU, the viewer, never know.

I was planning on doing this in May when my contract was up with Carpathia, but my client, www.fastpixels.com expired without prior notification (a good example of why I did not want to deal with Carpathia anymore) and I had to start up my Dreamhost account immediately so we wouldn’t have to re-new with Carpathia. I lose some money from it because I’m paid up until May, but I hope it’s worth it. I think it will make www.hiddeninthesand.com a much better site. It will allow me to entice people to donate to me and hold contests because I can give out a ton of “hiddeninthesand.com” email addresses to the fans, which make people feel good. Plus a bunch of other little things that will enhance the site.

So this also afforded me the chance to change things… like the commenting system. I can’t say I like it quite as much but it will be much more reliable and y’all can still post anonymously as you love to do.

Um. Yeah, so I’ve already experienced weird little downtimes and I’m hoping that’s not a trend that will continue. I hate when my site is down — especially when I’m trying to update it. But I’ve signed up for a 2-year contract so I hope it goes well.

Oh — I backed out of the band that wanted me to play bass. I’m no bassist and I don’t want to be. It didn’t feel natural. Singing is where my desires rest and things are progressing pretty nicely. I hope to bring you some rough demos of the songs we’ve been working on within the next couple months. We’re still working on them, though, so don’t hold your breath. But… we’re about to settle on a band name. Does anyone have any last minute suggestions for a melodic hard rock band?


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