It’s frustration. With everything…. more like every…

It’s frustration. With everything…. more like every one.

It’s the holidays that set me back and I find myself back-logged. So many things on my to-do list and not enough energy to do it. Because I’m tired. And frustrated. And tired of these bitter cold temperatures but I have another 2 weeks to go through it. I’m tired of the cycles.

But there are always things on the horizon just as there are always things in the background.

Your smiles become wonders of what could be.

But deep inside you knew it.

Wonders become tortures that slowly break you down

But deep inside, you knew it.

I should remind you every rhythm is a pattern

And patterns like to repeat themselves.

Your life shouldn’t be a vicious cycle.

Come and fly with me.

(it was wrong of me to quote a favorite line)


Create until nothing is left to create.

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