This morning I had 6 (count ’em… SIX)…

This morning I had 6 (count ’em… SIX) tooth extractions. This is the first step in a mouth recovery I’ve finally got the balls up to do. For anyone that knows me quite well, they probably will be able to tell you I have had a hygiene issue there for most of my life. For whatever reason, it was never ingrained into me that I have to make it a habit to brush my teeth at least once a day. I would most likely want to do it twice.

For many years I didn’t have any teeth issues. In fact, not one cavity until I was about 12 or 13. But then BLAM! They all started falling apart at the same time. I started going to a dentist about 4 years ago. He was an idiot and I was hired at TV Guide, leaving me without insurance for awhile and I never got back into going to the dentist because the guy was a jackass.

So now, at age 23, I have let my teeth deteriorate so badly, I practically had no molars to speak of. Every tooth needs work. If I were to have a total mouth recovery, meaning putting in implants where needed, evening out my bite line, fixing cavities, etc. etc., I would be looking at about $25,000 worth of work. Yeah. It’s that bad. It’s been my little dark secret for a number of years so I’m just coming out publicly with it now. Why? Because I’m doing something about it. I had my extractions (which feel great, by the way…) and once I am healed I go back to my dentist for major cleanings and cavity removals/fillings. They are temporary fixes. But I will continue to do this bit by bit until I no longer need the services. One way or another… I will get there.

Whew. It feels good to get that out.


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