My old friend Sarah Fulton (who recently signed…

My old friend Sarah Fulton (who recently signed the guestbook, which you should do… or better yet, sign the guestMAP) has had this psuedo-open mic thing going on at her house a few times. Like a livingroom open mic. Pretty neat. Unfortunatly, she’s having trouble getting it off the ground with not too many people showing up and even fewer people actually playing. It seems to turn into a little party everytime instead of people playing. But I’m sure it will soon gain in popularity….

Anyway, I played a “new song” today. No one had heard it yet because I’ve only been playing it for 2 days. The bad thing is, it’s not my song. It’s a cover of a cover.

I’m covering The White Stripes version of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” You really should find it and download it because it’s amazing, unlike the original version which somehow does not do the song justice. (I always seem to like the covers better than the originals)

It went quite well. It kinda got everyone’s attention and the few that were there stopped talking and came into the livingroom from the kitchen where they were chatting and stopped to listen. I love the song so much I was really able to get deep into it and I began to even shake a little bit. And boy, I found it really drained me when I stood up to smoke after the song. It felt good. I just wish I had a song of my own.


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