Would you believe I just was able to…

Would you believe I just was able to justify killing myself? Scary…

And it doesn’t have much to do with anything and I wouldn’t say I’m in a suicidal state, but it really made sense there.

I mean, I think about all the stress that the average civilized working-class human (specifically American) must endure and all that I personally must deal with on a daily basis… and well, it isn’t right. Something about this life just never clicked with me. And in an effort not to sound like Neo in The Matrix, it never made sense.

One has to go through hell in our current school system, making sure to score as high as possible. On top of that you have multiple other aspects of school, which can drive children mad. We must endure at least 12 years of this.

Once that’s finished, you must stress over finding a career. Job after job after job and all the responsibility that comes along with each job just to get stressed out because you can’t find a good job. Perhaps that is a pipe dream…

It’s also around this time you must concern yourself with paying for a place to live, keeping payments on it, food, electricity, clothing, and feeling as comfortable as possible. You have a car, which you rely on. If it fails, you fail. And you just might have a car which is always getting fixed.

Oh right, we CAN’T forget about love. You’re a grown up now. Why haven’t you found someone to share your life with? Wouldn’t it make things easier? You could SHARE responsibilities so you won’t have to take it all on yourself. You can afford more with combined income. You can rely on someone to be there when you want to talk. Someone to give you time. Someone to give you a hug. But where is that person? WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PERSON?!


So you may or may not find a career, you may or may not find your person, and you may never afford a reliable car, or a comfortable abode. And I won’t even go into having a child but I would assume we could take all that stress up above, add it all together, and double it on top.

…but… isn’t this thing called life supposed to be a beautiful thing? This is shit. It’s ridiculous, you know? I don’t know what I’d be happy with, either. I don’t blame myself for that and you shouldn’t blame me, either. Because a lifestyle that is pleasing to me is beyond my range of comprehension. It’s non-existent, therefore impossible to imagine.

Surely a life like that of the cavemen would be unpleasant, yet much less stressful. Surely we should have some sort of school system in tact, as well as a work force, etc. to earn your wages. But for lack of a better term, it’s been blown way out of proportion.

To make this rant even more clich�, I would like to remind you that once you’re through with your working years, you can retire and relax for your final years. But what the fuck, you’re too tired and old to do anything anyway. So what was it all for?

The only way I can see having an enjoyable life is to win the Powerball. You can live in a modest house as interest accrues in your savings account. You can go out with friends any night you want. You have no worries about your job or career, your money will help attract your woman, and life will continue to glide on by until the end. Of course, who am I to say this is what it would be like? I’m sure it’s close, though. The world revolves around money and having an abundance of it, well, that’s the only way you can live this life the way it was intended.

In conclusion, if you’re not rich, freeing yourself from this topsy-turvy world seems rational… minus the notable rebuttals such as “you’ll never experience (insert wonderful occurrence HERE)”

Freeing yourself not out of cowardice, but simply because you don’t care to endure such nonsense.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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