I changed the commenting system. Using Enetations…

I changed the commenting system. Using Enetations was REALLY slowing down the load time of my page. I’m sure you may have noticed. My hit count was reduced because of it, too. I don’t blame those who couldn’t wait. I couldn’t and I have a cable modem. I can’t imagine without……..

So now, I’ve ventured into working with cgi-bin files. The comments are locally hosted (meaning: it’s all controlled and stored on my site) and the load time has been brought back to normal.

I know with this program that I can create multiple accounts but I am not sure yet if someone off-site can use it, like Becky, who’s page is also slow to load because of Enetations.

Let me know if you know.

I still want to tweak the template of the comments window, so just know it’s a base design – not the final.


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