Alright, so I spoke too soon. Things are really…

Alright, so I spoke too soon.

Things are really having an affect on me. But nothing good, I’m sorry to report.

Work. Work is really bringing me down and everything is following suit. Things are not what I want them to be. Everything’s confusing, everything’s chaotic (at least in my mind, anyway).

I need a big, big break. The trash is piling up again around me. My clothes are in dire need of cleaning as is my body… as is my mind.

Things have got to change. Something’s gotta break. I seem to have grown a lot more conscious with the things around me and realizing that I am not where I should be.

But what to do? What to do….

Yes mother, I will admit to, and classify this as depression. I just want to sleep. Someone please help me get out of here and move into a place I can call my own.

I have a feeling things would brighten up a bit, then.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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