I’ve been WordPressed

OK, only a few would ever notice, but my site’s now been WordPressatized. That’s how I spent my day. Really.

Yeah I know I just switched to BlogSpot recently, but I was uneasy with the idea of being on someone else’s server. They could have deleted any of my posts for any reason they could justify. Plus, now there’s no re-directing going on when you go to cozbaldwin.com.

The only thing that’s really exciting me about this new era is, on the SEE page, the thumbnails now open all pretty-like to show the larger view.

It should all look pretty much identical to what I had before, so if you see any problems on your end, lemme know by leaving a comment below.

I’m a bit peeved though, because the #1 reason I wanted to switch to WordPress was because there was a plugin which can crosspost to Myspace. But WordPress just updated to a new version and it looks like that plugin isn’t working anymore. Hopefully the author will update it and get it working again. In the meantime, if anyone out there has a good plugin for Myspace crossposting which works with WordPress 2.7+ please let me know!


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