Mary-Kate and Ashley, I Hope You Understand

Tally Hall. What can I say about them that I haven’t said before? They’re goddamn geniuses.

Their video for Good Day was quite an accomplishment. It was surely one of the most impressive works I’ve seen, aside from the lack of artistic visuals & cinematography which I love so much in the works of such directors as Mark Romanek.

So the latest episode of Tally Hall’s Internet Show is basically a 10 minute long music video for their song Two Wuv, which is about a young man’s unhealthy obsession with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The placing of the credits in the beginning is a statement that THAT should be considered the beginning of the music video.

This is a modern day Thriller. Tally Hall likes to bend the rules a bit with what the common perception of pop music is and this video is bending the rules of what you typically consider a music video. I hope you ignore your A.D.D. and sit here for a few minutes to enjoy the subtle genius of this.


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