Followups and Sarah Palin Rant

1.  Grandmom’s on the verge…. probably won’t be much longer.  I went to see her today, not that she will remember due to the morphine.
2.  I’ll be going back to work tomorrow.
3.  The alarm clock watch I bought doesn’t work for me.  Will be returning.

4.  Why didn’t anyone tell me I could still register for this election???  Information I received earlier in the year led me to believe if I wasn’t registered for the primaries, I couldn’t vote in the general election.  But I can!  So I filled out my registration form and will be eligible to help vote Barack Obama in.

This stupid election is way too close for comfort and it’s all because people are so blinded by Palin’s American Idol nomination.  Look, it’s America and it’s great that we are all able to become president or vp.  It’s one thing about our country that’s pretty cool.  But just because “ANYBODY” can be it doesn’t entitle any ol’ person to be it.  Come ON!

I mean, let’s erase the gender here and ask yourselves who’d be better suited for this job:  The CEO of a Fortune 500 company or your kid’s elementary school gym teacher?   The District Attorney or the guy who just sliced your cold cuts at the deli? 

Now, I’m not comparing Palin to a high school gym teacher or a deli clerk.  I’m simply saying not EVERYONE should be viewed as someone who should be put in The White House.

By the way, she believes in Creationism.  ‘Nuff said.  But if that wasn’t enough, here are a couple other reminders of how Sarah Palin prefers to think:  Dinosaurs didn’t exist, the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, and if the love of your life gets raped, if Palin had her way, your love would not even have the option to CHOOSE to continue to have that baby or not.  But hey, she’s entitled to her opinion.  If only there was some assurance she wouldn’t (o)press her opinions onto us in the form of laws.  Hmmmm… No, there’s no assurance of that.  Get away from me, crazy lady;  you and your gimpy, old, robotic dad—  errr, I mean running-mate.


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