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id you want to know…… a secret? Because I know one and it is soooo good to hear it! Did you want to know what it schwas? Ok. I tell you what it shwas.”

My band has been scheduled to play our first show! As a band, we aren’t even announcing it yet until this weekend but you special few are getting the news ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. As you can imagine, a first show is a lot of pressure and can make one fairly nervous. It’s important to make a good impression on a venue by bringing out a lot of people. It’s important to have a lot of people clapping and whistling and all that good stuff. We, being so new, could use all the support we can get. So, I hope you kind folks can make it out. We are actually opening for my cousin Pam’s band. So it will be like a Baldwin family reunion rock concert.

Here’s the details!
Rex’s Bar in West Chester, PA
Thursday, August 17th
Doors at 9 — we go on at 9:30.
$5 cover.
Drink specials include $1 Pabst and $2 flavored vodka

We’re recording our EP within the 2 weeks after the show, too.

In other news… I was contacted by The Spluch Blog to use an image of mine for their blog. Of course, I allowed them. The image is the first one I did using a cheap Wacom drawing tablet back in my days of drawing on doodledraw.com. The article my image was used on deals with the cure for blindness which is a subject that’s always intrigued me. I just cannot imaging being blind my whole life and then being able to see. It’s beyond my comprehension. Of course, it’s beyond my comprehension to live and not understand the concept of “colors.”

I keep wanting to tear down those artwork and photography pages. But they actually bring in more traffic than any other part of my site. Google Image apparently likes giving people my images when they search for things. Don’t know why. But every once in a while, it pays off and someone actually pays me a compliment on them.

Remember to watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on August 2nd. Tally Hall is the musical guest. Coming up on August 10th and 12th I will be attending my 9th and 10th Tally Hall concert.

And Tool is coming back to the area. September 28th at the Tweeter Center. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 11. I have toooo much going on. Waaaayyy too much.

All for now………………..


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