Weekend of Us (Part 2)


weekend’s pace is always too fast. This one should never end. And although it’s still Sunday afternoon, it’s pretty much over as far as I’m concerned. I was lucky this time. I didn’t have expectations other than making it memorable… making it enjoyable. I suppose I did pretty good.

I wish I could write in smaller brushstrokes.

We’ve so much more to learn. I’ve a world to show you, still. I’ve a world behind those eyes to experience, too. Likewise, there’s a life untapped waiting patiently, like me, to be taken… to be chosen.

There is indeed a sense of loss, even though I was too delirious to express it. But I’m in a different place. I’m in the same place I’ve been for a long time. Waiting in the wings for an intermission. This was all I could hope for, for now. A brief embrace. I’m fighting off my urges to start holding my breath, though. I always seems to get ahead of myself.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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