You might be a jealous redneck if…


here am I? Today, I mean. I’m here. I’m back in a better state of mind. I’m sorting through the confusion, settling back into… well, I don’t know… a state of patience and dedication? I have reason to be otherwise, but this is always the way to be, if you can be.

I wonder what happened, though. I used to have thoughts. I used to be able to share wisdom. I used to go to strange places in my head and come out a little better, a little smarter. Then I could express it. It’s not there. Have I learned it all? Surely not. Maybe I just need to force myself into some starting line and see if it’s still there. See what else I can uncover. Things are pleasant for the most part, but I’m thinking that pleasant is far from exciting. No need to stir up any drama, though. Just need to dig a little deeper. But I need time to do that. I need patience of a different kind. I’ve forgotten how to tap into that. The mind is truly a muscle that needs to be stretched out like any other muscle. I’m definitely out of shape. Way too out of shape.

If you never watch another episode of The O.C. again, you best be watching the episode airing April 6th. Tally Hall’s music will be featured. Aw yeah. I’ve just about planned out my trip to Ann Arbor on 4/8. (that’s Four-Eight, for those who don’t know.) It looks like I’ll be catching two shows that night, as they added a second set later in the night. Suh-weet. You are slightly jealous.

Now to rub in the jealousy even more. Remember I told you about Lindi Ortega? For my efforts in helping her with some things like hosting her live video clips (found on her Myspace page) she sent me an autographed promo shot of her. [ SEE ]
But the real fun is on the back. I told her to kiss it with some nice red lipstick and she obeyed. I knew she had marvelous lips, but to see them up close and personal… it’s enough to make a man lose his balance. HERE IT IS.

I would write more, but I have no time. If I were to actually get the required 8 hours sleep we all need to function normally, I’d have but 3 hours to myself every weekday. That is absurd. So I’m about to turn over my 6th hour tonight, leaving 5 hours to sleep. Bad, I know, but I’m working hard to get my “” website launched by this coming Monday. It won’t be complete, but it will be enough to get started. I’m excited to see what happens with it. I think it’ll be very popular, especially once Tally Hall shoots into the mainstream music scene.



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