Hot Cars in Chicagoooo…


ime for a random quote from a mini-conversation with Dan today.

We’re sitting on the couch watching a commercial for Bodog, some online poker website. It features nothing but some tall blonde in a skimpy outfit, sitting in a classic Mustang and some guy walking around it (I can’t remember).

Dan: What?! What was that for?

Me: An online gambling site.

Dan: What the hell does online gambling have to do with a girl and a hot car?

Me: …uh… You mean “hot girl and a car” right?

———psst! Dan’s a little too car-obsessed!———

Oh my god, I’ve gone and done something a little crazy.
Tally Hall is having their CD release party in Chicago on November 12th. Yeah, I decided I’m going. I’ll be taking a Greyhound out there and staying at a Days Inn. It’s all planned out. No turning back now! Eeek. I’m currently mapping it all out because it’s a little scary going all alone.

But I’m doing it.


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