A Whole Bunch of Randomness


f you happen to be in the market for a vacuum, you might come across this new brand VAX, specifically at Best Buy. This is a great looking vacuum which claims to have almost double the sucking power of Dyson and a lifetime warranty on it’s HEPA filter. It has a lot of convenient doo-dads including a spill-proof container with a bottom that pops open to release the dirt/dust when and where you want it…. and really should be marked as one of the best vacuums out there… and it’s half the price of a Dyson…

Unfortunatly, there’s a big batch of defects that went out and I happened to get one. The people at Best Buy said they returned at least 4 or 5 others just that week. (One of the first weeks the item was in stock.)

So I got a Bissell instead. It doesn’t look as stylish, probably isn’t as powerful, and doesn’t have a spill-proof dirt container, making for a dirty job when emptying a full container… but it was $100 cheaper and it does the job.


I obviously didn’t win that karaoke contest. Lou Tilly was the celebrity judge and it was a good time. I don’t have breasts, though, and ultimately I feel THIS is the reason I didn’t win. (It was all females in the top 3. One of whom simply didn’t deserve it.)


I am still working on the new website for that Allentown based company. I think I have the job but I’m not quite sure, yet. I am also going to start receiving freelance work from two different firms. One firm, www.boshadesign.com, is a local one who I am meeting with tomorrow morning. The other is quite a funny story. There’s a guy, John Valenzuela, who I think goes by the nickname of Coz or something… and he created this design firm in Arizona. He called it Coz Creative, Inc. He wrote me a long time ago with a friendly “hello from one Coz to another.” and recently wrote me again with the same thing, adding that he liked how my website has improved, and telling me if I ever need his services, to contact him. I explained that I’m the one out of work and the question should be “if MY services can be of help to YOU, John, please let me know.” Lo and behold he replied telling me he could definitely pass along some work to me. So that will be happening soon, too.
So, cool. But it won’t pay the bills. I do, however, have 2 renters living in here who will begin paying me Oct. 1st. That will help.


I won this on eBay. It’s stupid of me to waste such money, but I’ve wanted one of these official Zippo displays for, like, almost 10 years now. So good for me!


You can’t tell exactly how thrilled I am to be announcing on this page the news that Tally Hall is almost done their full-length, wonky debut album, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, and will be releasing it on October 24th. It’s going to be amazing. I guarantee it! I can’t wait.

And remember Fiona’s album comes out on October 4th. Listen to the entire album on her MySpace page. Good month in music.


I see all around me:

  • Facades of trust
  • Psuedo love
  • Faked apathy
  • Thick masks painted with confidence
  • Illusions
  • Dillusions
  • Confusions
  • Betrayal
  • Suicide

If only we could learn to spell “uncensored” the right way, the first time, we’d be able to view a lifetime of words that’s reached a mute point. Because we still watch you; standing under your umbrella, soaking wet. We we always see the pain in your eyes and acknowledge its reminders on a sketchpad. We’ll know you’re fine without even asking, because that’s your programmed response… and you know not how to speak uncensored truth. We’ll watch you wake up immured inside your own misguided and tenebrous mind. And we’ll drown in your ignorant ways as you disregard your pretty half to save yourself some guilt and blood from a second-hand broken-heart.

They’re venial sins, but you’ll get what you ask for.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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