The Carpeted Wall Strikes Back


fter nearly 4 years, my “portfolio site” has received a complete overhaul. It’s now geared more as a gallery of portfolios rather than a portfolio/sales site. The training I received was not just “how to design” so I wanted to show “how I designed” by using new skills I’ve acquired. For instance… for the first time ever, I used Flash animation. I just stuck in an animation at the top of my galleries. It’s not flaunting the Flash skills, but a potential employer will be looking at Logos I’ve made and also know that I can use Flash, too. Know what I mean? mm hmm. So take a look and leave me some feedback here.

[ the carpeted wall ]

I have root beer in my hand but I wish I grabbed the grape soda instead. I don’t know why.

Dan has been taking a car load of crap from his house to here every day this week. It’s filled up the livingroom and once its all in there, his room(s) will be completed and the crap will be moved accordingly.

I love walking around barefoot now.

Last words, so innocent. So real. A simple goodbye at the end of a fairytale. Will it hold? Time will tell. They’re only articulated modulations. It takes a lot more than words to truly say goodbye. I’m not really sure what I mean. Just thinking outloud.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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