System Of A What?


probably should have seen it coming. That band, System of A Down, has been producing some songs over the past couple years that I enjoy but I always feared getting an album because the style is not one I traditionally like. Similarly, I feared purchasing any TOOL albums even though I enjoyed what I heard. I regret not buying TOOL earlier, but it didn’t hurt me. It only didn’t help me as soon as it could have. System, however, I do not regret. Here’s why:

Liz burned me a copy of their new album “Mezmerize” which is actually only 1/2 of the desired album. The 2nd half “Hyptotize” is due out this fall. She liked it and I suppose thought I would like it, too. I wasn’t against it. After listening to the album almost non-stop for the past week, I can say I’m now a fan. I’ve done my research, though, and I wouldn’t be able to say that before today… hence, I do not regret this “late” discovery. They’ve slowly matured/developed/evolved into a band that I can wholly appreciate. It’s good stuff. I envy them and their abilities. Their lyrics may not be deep, I-need-a-thesaurus-to-know-what-they-are-talking-about, ingenious lyrics like Maynard might write, but they are cleverly adapted to the music, or vice versa, as if the guitar was already saying those exact words even if the vocal track was taken out. Their newfound harmonies and majestic melodies have captured my attention and I’m looking forward to this fall when I can hear some more System. Plus, Tally Hall will be releasing their first full-length studio album in September as well.

Quick notes about the house:
The plumbers think the water was backing up in the shower so much that it started to seep through into areas where “the pan” underneath was not protecting. They don’t think the pipes are bursting. After soaking in acid and maliciously prodded with a plumber’s snake, the damned clog just won’t budge! So they’re gonna have to keep working on it and possibly replace the pipes anyway if they can’t get rid of whatever is in there. — The carpet was supposed to be going in today but they had to postpone it briefly as they finish up the job before me. — The apartment complex next door has began to take on a 3-month long (maybe more) renovation project. I am waking up at 9am by pounding, drilling, sawing, grinding, oh yeah and LOUD CRASHES as they toss wood, furniture, and trash from 2 stories up into the large trash container below. Oh well. It just means I now have a 4th alarm clock — for free!

It’s been a hell of a weekend. Filled with denny’s and candy, I say, without offering further explanation out of fear of ball-lightning coming through my window. Regardless of the pain that would inflict upon my pale skin, I’d have to buy and install all new mini-blinds and I just don’t want to do it again for at least a few more months. (lazy)

Have I told you about the living chair? Haha. No… but one day, perhaps.

“You and me will all go down in history with a sad statue of liberty and a generation that didn’t agree.”
– s.o.a.d.

p.s. – To see some video clips of the Tally Hall show that I went to with Liz, [here] are some clips that Liz took. I might have to move them to another server because so many Tally Hall fans have viewed these that I’m almost over my monthly limit of “information served” over this one — and it’s only the 11th! I know most of you have no idea what that means. It’s ok.


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