Carpet x2 and New Beginnings


know some of you are anxiously awaiting pictures of my newly installed carpet. I’m pretty satisfied with it, all in all. There are a few spots that the guy slacked off on, without reason, but other than that… it’s all good.
In these pictures, you’ll also get to see my chocolate milk room, which is 90% complete, and an antique blue couch which was given to us (Dan and I) by Jamal. Enjoy!
Now Entering Emerald City!

I suppose I cannot accurately define “us” as Dan and I anymore (he is due to move in within a month) without mentioning another roommate I’ve adopted recently. I met Candice a couple weeks ago at Denny’s and we immediately hit it off. We ended up hanging out for 3 straight days and then 2 days later she shows up here because she needed a place to stay. In fact, she was kicked out of the house she was living in (with a married couple of which the wife grew insanely jealous of the attention her husband gave to Candice, rather than herself) Her parents are insane and don’t want to take her in. She had nowhere else to go and I can’t just send her out on the streets. She’d just spent the previous night at a crumby motel.

I gotta say… this is a huge adjustment I was not prepared for. But I’m trying and some of the wrinkles are beginning to straighten out a bit. My daily routine is messed up and you may notice my AIM away message up more often than not. It’s really because I don’t have much time to anymore.

My faith in absolute love has been ripped out of me. I am still standing, but I’m damaged. It really comes down to it being my own fault — for putting all my faith and shoving it all on the idea that the girl that went and got married would turn around and love me forever. Don’t ask me about this, just let me have it and forget about it. I’ve been set back, though. I’m in need of a lot of time for these wounds to heal.

I’m done school now. If you know of anyone looking for a web or graphic designer, please keep me in mind. I am redesigning The Carpeted Wall and hope to have that done soon. I’ll let y’all know when it’s done.


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