Tonsillitis, 10,000 miles, & The House


guess no one wants to fess up to the CD thing in the last post. Oh well, it’s ok by me. I’m running low on them anyway. It’s good to have one back so I can eventually get it in the hands of someone who might actually appreciate it.

I’ve been sick the past week with an infection on my tonsil. I think it began to swell from the demolition in the attic. 50+ years of dirt and dust filling up the entire room. Yes, I had a ventilation mask on but only for the worst parts. That stuff probably flies around for long after before it settles. So, after days of suffering from the pain due to each bite of food taken, each gulp of liquid, each swallow of saliva, I finally broke down and saw my doctor. He’s worried that it’s only one tonsil that is affected. It may mean an abcess. So I’m on antibiotics for 10 days. If the condition persists, he will try steroids. If that fails, I’m going to have to get surgery to drain the thing and/or remove the tonsils. He knows that’s a last resort though because I am not covered by insurance. I’m 3 days into the antibiotics and it definitely feels like it’s working.

Speaking of the house, the attic is totally gutted and all ready for the new drywall. Dan worked extrememly hard to get 50 sheets of drywall up two flights. Minor damage on the walls, but they should be easily fixed. The livingroom will now forever be known as the front room. The dining room is now the middle room (aka the livingroom aka The Chocolate Milk Room). This is because the TV is now in the middle room. It was too heavy to hang on the brick fireplace. That brick wall was not attached well and just might have pulled the thing down. It’s ok though, because the new couch suits the middle room paint color better. It’s pretty much done. I still have to put real white over some primer white areas and put a dark brown border around the tops of the walls. It’s called The Chocolate Milk Room because of that brown suede I talked about. It looks real nice. The whole surround sound thing will work better in that room anyway.

The carpet is on its way. A new carpet color really changes a house/room. For 25 years I’ve known this dark brown shag. In a couple weeks, I will have a forrest green color. It’ll look great in the front room but I’m worried about the chocolate milk room. I don’t think it will be that great but not bad enough to want to change anything. Then I’m done for awhile. We’ll still have to get the drywall actually hung in the attic (oh and we have insulation ready for up there, too) but I’m done with the money. I just gotta wait until I have a job before I start spending any more. There’s still the front porch and the roof to take care of before moving on to the other rooms.

For those who may be interested… a guy I know, Joel Perlish, is about to venture out on a double-cross country motorcycle trip. He’ll be keeping a diary of words and pictures along the way. He’s got quite a story of biking trips throughout his life which you can read about on his site. He’s kept near-record daily running streaks. Every couple years or so he battles a new monster and this time, it’s this 10,000+ mile trip. His main site is — But for his journal which will have it’s first entry THIS SUNDAY, you can go directly to that link here: You may know I’m the webmaster for the site and will be updating the journal for him. We both hope you enjoy it.

Tomorrow, I’m headed off on my own road trip. To Harrisburg! Tally Hall will be playing there and this will officially be the furthest I’ve ever travelled to see a band play. It’s no 10,000 miles (only about 103 miles) but it’s long enough.


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