Tall Telemarketing Tales


ello? Hi there. MAN! I just had the weirdest telemarketing call ever. It was Citibank telling me about some protection program and as usual I politely said I wouldn’t be interested and promptly received their “rebuttal” script. Again, no thank you. Another rebuttal. “Still not interested, thanks.” Another rebuttal. “Definitely still not interested.” Another rebuttal. I started to laugh and said “Boy they really give you a large script!” Without hesitation, another rebuttal. I realized this person is spitting out lines and pausing to let me decline and then moving on to the next line of the rebuttal speech. This literally happened around 10 times before I said “Ok, I’m gonna hang up now.” Another rebuttal. “Have a nice day… byebye” Another rebu— I hung up in mid rebuttal.

That was crazy.

So like, what’s up? As for me… the house is still being worked on. The middle room which will become the living room is all painted and the TV will be going in there as opposed to on the brick wall, which just might topple over if I hung it on the brick. Yeah. The carpet is about to be replaced within a couple weeks, too. The attic is all gutted and all the new drywall is sitting in my front room downstairs awaiting the tremendous task of taking all 40 sheets up to the attic, one by one. School is ok. I haven’t been able to enjoy it so much lately because I’m in the middle of a long bout with insomnia. I will not be able to get to sleep and then I am dazed throughout the class, only to come home and oversleep the next day. It’s all messed up. It’s so hot, too. I haven’t felt anything but mixed up, confused, and overwhelmed the past couple weeks with all this going on. I was able to keep it all tight in my mind for quite awhile but it’s all getting jumbled around. This is why I haven’t been posting at all. Nothing really interesting to say. Just whining.

I did that small job for Visual Sound a couple months ago and from it, was offered a customer service rep position. Wtf? Didn’t accept… but I might seek it out in a couple months if I can’t get a designing job.



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