Tally Tripping and Bamboo Blinds


his Friday I will be venturing up to Martinsville, NJ to see Tally Hall perform at The Pingry School. I’m so happy I get to see them play and will most likely get to meet them face to face, finally. If you care to hear a new song by Tally Hall, they have released another one on MySpace, so click it. It’s an AWESOME song, as you should know. Since they have all different types of songs, you might even like this one if you don’t care much for the others you’ve heard.

I was out all day today shopping for a bunch of things. I came home with a new set of sheets, identical to what I have now, from Bed Bath & Beyond. Also, I finally got some window treatments for the front windows (YAY!), also purchased at BB&B. I got a shop-vac from Home Depot for all the work that will be done and has been done thus far. As for lighting, I picked up a new ceiling lamp from IKEA for the dining room which will be re-painted in the very near future. I already have the paint, actually. It’s going to be a tan color, not unlike a tan suede jacket. Coincidentally enough, the paint itself is a Ralph Lauren texture called “Suede” — so — in addition to being colored like suede, it will LOOK like suede. Interestinck, no? Picture of that room will be posted upon completion.

As for today, you get to see my new blinds! I was planning on putting a light fabric framing the left, top, and right sides of the 3 windows. Nothing that draped anywhere, just a solid piece of twisted fabric that formed a frame around those three sides. I’m thinking I might not even need it, though. I could use your opinions.
You also get to see my TV which I finally was able to put up on a stand now that no one can see inside my house. For those who don’t know… don’t worry, I plan on hanging the TV from the brick fireplace behind it. So here you go. TAKE A PEEK!


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