More About The Contest

Remember that karaoke contest I’m in? So it appears the Regional Finals locations have been announced. The east coast regionals will be held in Skaneateles, NY at Cedar House Bowling Center. Skaneateles looks to be about 20 miles SW of Syracuse. My lord!!!
And the page reads: “The winners will compete in the Regional or State Finals May 16th – May 31st, 2005.” I have no idea yet if that means I have to camp out there while they run through everyone and then eliminate a few at a time or what. There’s going to be a hell of a lot of people competing at this Regional Final. They will be doing it over the course of a few nights, for sure. So… do they actually think it’s going to work if they score everyone and then pick the highest rated?! No way. They’re gonna have to do at least 2 rounds. So I wonder then, how they will do it. Damn.

Alright so my point is… Who’s coming out to support me?????? — *big smile*
It would be helpful to have a big, screaming crowd there for me. Come on. Road trip, people. Please? Think about it, ok? Thanks.


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