And so it’s been a couple days. …

And so it’s been a couple days. My pipes froze which caused a rarely used toilet to slowly build up and overflow onto the bathroom floor. Since I didn’t know what was going on, I tried flushing it which just threw 3 gallons (or whatever) of more water onto the floor, my socks, and the carpet. Now it smells.

My car has been acting up the past few weeks. I’ve taken it to the dealer and a local auto body place at each occasion. They can’t find anything wrong and charge me $40 – $60 to look at it and take things apart just to put them right back together again. So yesterday, the 3rd time it happened (it stutters and blows out white smoke with fumes that make me dizzy and almost faint) I got it to the dealer and they’re gonna keep it overnight for the 2nd night in a row, now. They know something is wrong but they just can’t find what it is exactly. So I got a rental car this evening. I was excited to drive a new vehicle!!! I only have to pay if they can’t find anything wrong with my car under warranty. And so I was given the only vehicle they had left for me. A Dodge Ram 1500 a.k.a. monster truck. I can’t fit it in my driveway. I am so nervous driving it and taking it around corners…. I… I.. can’t take it! Can you picture me in this thing!? Well, now you can.


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