Toxicology results finally came back for Sara. She had…

Toxicology results finally came back for Sara.

She had 40x the amount of Wellbutrin in her body than she should have. She was given time release which her system just couldn’t handle. The doctors think the dose was too high and her weak liver just couldn’t take it.

Essentially, she was slowly poisoned over 4 months. As her friend Meredith observed and notes: “the muscle pain, the fainting, the hallucinations are all side effects to toxic and overdose levels of wellbutrin. Three doctors and an ER visit and no one took blood.”

This could have been prevented. The question is… SHOULD it have? It depends on how you see things. No one would be wrong, though.

eMOTIVe, the newest album from A Perfect Cirlce, has released and I received my CD and the limited time only T-shirt with it.

And Steven Wright was just on David Letterman.

And I’m still alive. Still here. But so much sadness inside me. It will pass.


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