Let me tell you about my week thus…

Let me tell you about my week thus far.

Monday: Nothing really special happens. I start to feel a chest cold coming on.

Tuesday: I go to work feeling a bit under the weather. I leave work at the end of the day looking forward to going out for Mardi Gras celebration at a bar where the Kings Of Karaoke are showing later that night. I have a dentist’s appointment. I sit down and proceed to get shot in the upper lip with novocaine. A tooth is then drilled and filled. I get up to find the novocaine has spread due to an empty stomach. My right eye is numb. It’s causing the nerves to be relaxed and I can’t lift my eyeball. I see two of everything. I’m a little weirded out by this and have no idea what to think. They won’t let me drive home in this condition… until I realize… that if I tilt my head back a bit, my left eye then matches up to where my right eye is resting. I drive home like that. It’s a little weird.

Halfway home, as I’m worried about how I’m gonna drive to southern Delaware and sing with a numb lip and a numb eye… I start to feel something under me. It feels like…. oh…. yes….. yes, it’s a fucking tire going flat. WTF!

I get home and sure enough there’s a screw sticking out of my tire. Well this just does it. So there I am with a flat tire and a numb eye and a numb lip while I got people calling me asking me when I’m leaving for the bar. HA!

I stay home.

Wednesday: Get up. Get the tire plugged. Go home…. too sick to work. Stay home all day.

Thursday: Get up. Go in. …Leave at 12:45pm.

Can’t talk too well between the sneezes and the nose-blowing and can barely see the screen through my watering eyes. (At least they’re not numb.)

I get home to find out that the typo on my Social Security Card (last name spelled: “Balwin”) is all of a sudden a PROBLEM after 24 years with the IRS who can’t file my taxes until the discrepancy is cleared. So I’ve been running around all day, sick as a dog, trying to get a new SS card issued as well as updating the address on my drivers license. The Lisence Office tells me they don’t do address changes there. They also “Don’t know” if I can do it online. Well, guess what, fuck-tard…. I can print out a form online and then mail it in. And YOU should have a form so I can do it there, too.

Friday: Can’t wait.

Check out the Kings Of Karaoke picture page (towards the bottom)! They’re wearing shirts with my frikken artwork on them! Yahoo!!

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you the personal ad I put in the local paper.

(not really mine, dummy)


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