I like to re-post this once a year…

I like to re-post this once a year or so. It was written by an old blogger named Sarah (a.k.a. Timtom). She was a lesbian from the UK and also one of the most brilliant women I’ve ever known. I wish I could get in touch with her again…

“Maybe these aren’t the shit times, maybe it’ll always be like this.

Probably not for you. You usually get what you want.

I remember though, my A level teacher was always talking

about Deferred Gratification. How us 6th formers were

doing the right thing, and we’d get our rewards later,

and they’d be better for it. Then, they said the same

thing at university. I feel like I should be sending off for

my gratification now.

Maybe it’ll be like when I applied for a provisional driving

license last month. They wrote back saying, ‘but you’re

already allowed to drive until 2047 Sarah.’ And I’d thrown

out the last one assuming it had run out. Maybe it’ll be

like that. They’ll say, you’ve already got your gratification Sarah.

This is how much you get.”


Create until nothing is left to create.

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