Dad was taken into the ICU (Intensive Care…

Dad was taken into the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) early this morning, again. Family was called. He was on all sorts of machines, they were asking about any living will, asking what I want to do if his heart stops, and all kinda of wonderful things.

I leave work at noon.

From 1pm until 6pm I stayed there, next to his medicinally sedated body while the machines forced him to breathe, forced his heart to pump blood, injected fluids, and drained fluids. My uncle was also there but there was little communication.

I may have spoken too soon when I had accepted the fact that he wouldn’t be coming out again. The medicine was doing little for him and there was still no reasoning for WHY this is all happening. We made the decision that if his heart stops beating, to basically do nothing more than procedure.

You see, I may have spoken too soon because at around 6pm a cardiologist who had just taken an echocardiogram noticed a few things he was “shocked” to see. An aneurysm in the ventricle and a leaky valve in his heart. I’ll spare you the details but basically this explains everything. These things can be corrected with surgery… Except he’s in no shape for it right now.

His condition is improving. If it continues to do so, he may be in a well enough state for surgery in a few days. There’s no telling if he’ll be able to hang on for that long. Obviously, the surgery is especially risky in his condition, however, seeing as it’s really the only option to save him, we’re willing to risk it.

I’m quite tired… I will keep this updated as much as I can. Thanks.


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