H&M was kind enough to call me back…

H&M was kind enough to call me back the day after the interview to tell me they don’t want me. I don’t mind that much. I mean, I really couldn’t see myself working with clothing. Though I could have done it. They thought that it was a much more fast paced atmosphere than what I’m used to, hence, I would not be able to handle it. That, I would have to disagree with. Ritz is anything but slow. As a manager there, your day should be thoroughly exhausting. Bam Bam Bam… all day long. Whether it be customers in the store, customers on the phone, getting back to a million people, researching things between custo……. what the fuck am I going over all this for with you? Whatever. I don’t blame them for not hiring me but it was a big misjudgement on their part concerning the speed of pace. And I do appreciate them calling back so soon and not wasting my time. I’d have to say they’re a good company to work for if that’s your thing.

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