A couple weeks ago, a woman wanted a…

A couple weeks ago, a woman wanted a copy of this photo I have in my store. It’s a macro shot of a flower I took while in OBX. I used it for a display demonstrating our bordered prints.

When I told her it was mine and I have the negative to make any size she would like, she ended up wanting a 16×20 print! So, $19.99 for the print and $10 for my pocket, she wanted to do it. So I received the print back the other day and it looks pretty good. I just don’t see what the big deal is, though. I figure maybe I should add it into my photography section — so now you can see it in there. It’s the last one, the pink macro.

I would aslo like to mention how one dream of mine has come true recently. I’ve been waiting 5 years for this.

Anyone who knows me, knows I always have a soda on me. Always. I’ve tried many times seeing if I could switch to water, for it would be so much better for my health. But I can’t. I need the caffeine. I had heard of a caffeinated water somewhere out there and for five years, I have looked in every market I go into. San Fran, Cleveland, northern PA, anywhere I go. I look. I can’t find. But it occured to me that I should look online. So I did. And I FOUND IT.



Water Joe’s Caffeinated Water

Looks like water, tastes like water, smells like water. It’s 100% water. But enriched with the power of caffeine. (About the same as one cup of coffee)

It’s weird. You can’t taste it – you almost have to trust there’s caffeine in there.

I am a happy boy for this.


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