I saw Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tonight….

I saw Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tonight. They had been filming a block away from my work at a local hospital for Kevin Smith’s new movie “Jersey Girl”.

When leaving the camp, their driver parked in the lot where a bunch of us gathered. I opted against an autograph. Those two didn’t seem too happy to be doing it anyway. I was hoping more to see Kevin Smith or George Carlin (is he was around which no one knew). We spotted Mr. Smith. He waved. But never stopped to talk to us.

Still neat to be a few feet from J. Lo and B. Aff.

The post below is the longest post in the history of cozbaldwin.com. It’s the very detailed version of John Newman’s funeral. I hope you can read it all the way through and please feel free to leave your comments, feelings, and thoughts below it. I’ll try not to post anything else for a few days (won’t be that hard) so as not to push the funeral post into the archives and off the front page.

Thank you.


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