Where to begin… I’ve been sick since last Thursday….

Where to begin…

I’ve been sick since last Thursday. I still don’t have the energy to do the things I need to do. But I have been able to see John a couple times.

It’s such a surreal sight to see. Like a full-grown fetus, skin as white as the sheets he is confined to. Hairless as the day he was born. He’s on oxygen. Hospice has been coming and keeping him as comfortable as possible. He’s in and out of consciousness and relays his quick daydreams to us — sometimes not realizing it was a daydream. He’s still got his sense of humor — he just doesn’t have the energy to talk much. His wheezing fills the dark room when he’s not speaking.

I don’t expect anymore than 2 weeks for him.

And then the dam will break.

For those who care, my store is doing quite well. We’re in a nationwide challenge for selling the most damage protection plans — and we’re far above anyone else in our district, which, by the way is currently around #5 in the company’s 90+ districts. I’m averaging about 15% up from last years numbers right now.

Not too bad. But it’s nowhere near where we could be.

I have Kurt’s CD. Finally. I sat in on a lot of the recording of it, nearly 2 years ago. Played on a few tracks, but nothing you can really hear. One song that was the most prominent was cut from the album, however, I have the recording of it on my CD. I plan on posting these songs on the website for people to download. Because I think it needs to be heard. Not that it’s the greatest recording — in fact, far from it… but the songs are something different. Something good. And they deserves recognition.


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