Can I be honest with you? Can I tell…

Can I be honest with you?

Can I tell you about my wonderful night last night? And you won’t judge me?

I went out with John, Alan, and John’s brother-in-law last night to Club Wizzards. A strip club.

I’ve always wanted to — for the experience, you know. I ended up having a really nice experience.

To explain….

Granted… it’s very frustrating to have fully exposed breasts 3 inches from my face… but it was a nice feeling to have these women come up and talk to me. I know it’s their job and all, but to be treated as an equal to all other men in there — just as “special” — really boosted my confidence! Since I left I’ve just felt more secure and…. confident, for lack of another word. I’d like to go again sometime. The naked women are nice and all…. but it’s when they TALK to me that really makes the experience worth it. Of course, I didn’t have much of anything interesting to talk about. But whatever… they just want my money anyway.

Good night 🙂


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