Well that was fun. At about 2am this horrific…

Well that was fun.

At about 2am this horrific shrieking of a fire alarm started sounding all throughout the building. It was bad enough inside the apartment, but when out in the hall I had to shut my ears it was so bad. Kate and I sat outside while some others gathered around. We were always under the impression we were the only ones who lived here because you barely ever saw anyone.

As it turns out, only 10 people or so gathered outside. It’s weird. Half the people didn’t even wake up, I assume. Turns out someone left something burning on the stove or something and though it created a little bit of smoke (on the basement floor) it was nothing serious and within a half hour they let everyone back in.

Quite a lovely experience. We were able to meet some of the others and were pleasantly surprised to find a good mix of people — all seemingly very nice and friendly.

Last night I was at the Lansdowne Fireworks with Suzanne and her husband Brian. had a good time. I haven’t seen her since January, I think it was.

I was able to take some pictures…. four FRICKEN rolls of stupid fireworks! I’m such an idiot. Anyway, They all turned out well. All very boring, but I will be posting the not-so-boring ones tomorrow (hopefully).

Hired someone new at the shop. Hope things start turning around. Off tomorrow. All going well… mostly.

I hope to stop by and see John tomorrow. I haven’t seen him in a while. I’d be lying if I said he was doing good. But I really don’t think now is the time or place to discuss it.


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