I got an email from a guy named…

I got an email from a guy named James from Realize Design about the poem.

His email reads:

“the poem was turned in to a teacher by a twelfth grade student in New York…it is no know however if the boy wrote the poem alone, by himself or not, it is know however that the boy committed suicide shortly after that…nothing needed saying anymore…”

Very well put, James. He added that the poem was an article in the New York Times. “I came across it about 15 or 16 years back.”

Wow. I can’t believe it’s that old of a poem! If the NYT claims this theory on the poem to be true, then Jesus… what a story!

Would you believe that I am actually working on a song?! I’ve had this melody for at least a year. I’ve had these words since April when I first posted them on this blog.

(“From the Ghosts That Haunt Me” — Archived 4/16/02)

Finally, they both have found a partner. I haven’t quite decided if I like it or not. I need to keep tweaking it until it sounds up to par. I might start to get bored and toss it like the rest of ’em, but hey…. i’ts nice to be working on a song again!


Create until nothing is left to create.

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