I’ve learned life doesn’t slow down for a…

I’ve learned life doesn’t slow down for a blog.

I’ve learned there’s nothing rewarding about using a day off as an oppertunity to get yourself drunk the night before.

I’ve learned that owning 3 DVD’s is NOT enough.

I’ve learned common sense is really not that common in people.

I’ve learned a betta fish can go 2 days without eating and still live.

I’ve learned I’m never going to get around to everything.

I’ve learned the place I’ve gotten my hair cut for most of my life will never learn how to give a GOOD haircut.

I’ve learned the importance of organization.

I’ve learned oppertunities will eventually come… if you put some effort into it.

I’ve learned I have a lot more of learning to come. Some of which I’m not looking forward to.

I have a TOOL concert August 12th. It’s in Trenton. And there will be more than one memorable experience that night.

I go on vacation next week — June 22 – 29th.

I’ll be living in a huge house in the Outer Banks of NC with a bunch of teenagers.

Can we say “whee” ?

My name is Carl. I am a manager. I have an apartment. I have a roomate. I have a casual relationship with someone who *could* be perfect for me, if only I wanted them to be. So I keep looking. I am annoyed by many.

Many, many, many…

I realize how much I’ve had to censor myself over the past year or so.

I wish I didn’t… but I don’t want to hurt you.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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