Ladies and gentlemen…. I present to you: …

Ladies and gentlemen….

I present to you:


Things are fine.

The new job:

Store Manager — Manoa Shopping Center, Havertown.

I worked 63 hours last week — my first week.

Already this week I worked 15 hours on Sunday, 13 on Monday and today I had off.

I took on a big job and there’s a lot to be done. Organization is my first priority, then training. And training there shall be.

Not much else to say really. Hopefully things will be calming down enough where I can start keeping a blog more regularly.

I’m a tired man and I took up a good few hours getting the pictures up in that fashion. I’m going to bed now.

Hope to see you soon. Stop by my store if you’re in the area.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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