Man it’s been awhile since I blogged. …

Man it’s been awhile since I blogged. I didn’t realize how long it really has been.

Alright, well.. We found in favor of the defendant. Not guilty of negligence during a hysterectomy in which the patient suffered an “assumed” permanent femoral nerve injury.

We finally saw the apartment on Friday and boy is it lovely. I cannot wait for you all to see it! (Those who are able to at least)

Also on Friday I had some time to gather up all my change I’ve been collecting since high school/junior high. I ended up with much more than I thought.

$250 to be exact!!!

I called Kate and she got really excited to cash in her change, too. So we immediately did so, which gave us another $180!!!!

We hustled over to Best Buy where we bought a TV and a DVD player.

But this was no ordinary TV purchase. Oh no… this was an EXTRAordinary TV purchase.

The TV which has ‘component video’ capabilities, made by SHARP, and has a 27″ viewing area was originally selling for $329.00.

But it was an open box item which brought it to $279.00. Now, I was very hesitant to purchase the open box item after the incident I had with my mothers computer. Apparently, if I had bought the service plan, all would have been avoided and they eventually might have given her a new system.

HOWEVER…. I figured I might as well do it on this thing. But it was just a bit too expensive. The guy brought it down to $209, which I thought was ridiculous! But he wanted to make the service plan affordable. Which it was but I was still unsure about the open box because it had “missing parts.” Apparently, it was just the remote and manual. But I kept questioning exactly what I would be getting and the next thing I knew another salesman stepped in and brought it to a whopping


27″ Sharp component video television for $169.00, a Samsung DVD player for $129.00 and we had just spent our “free” $400 we never knew we had. Unbelievable.

Today, Saturday, I was invited to participate in the Phillies Photo Day sponsored by FujiFilm and Ritz Camera Centers. It was a grand time! I spent the day on the field amongst the crowd yelling out for people to buy film and disposables from me (and 8 other of us). It was such a marvelous feeling being out on that field, looking around and imagining myself in uniform… like I would have been, had it not been for my heart condition. Such a little dream come true.

We packed up after the players rounded the field and headed up to the Executive Dining Room, where the bigwigs eat every day. I was fed filet minon cooked medium rare, red wine, Oreos and cream cake, and all the soda and drinks I wanted while I made my way to the skybox after dinner, where we sat to watch the game.

Free leather backpack, free golf shirt, free Phillies memorabilia including a hat and t-shirt.

Nice. Thanks, bosses.

…’Till next time!


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