It seems as though my new home just…

It seems as though my new home just may be The Marshall House.

And just so I can mention Dan again, I know he’s familiar with the place. That’s one of the many places he grew up in.

Recently, they’ve renovated the exterior and Oh My. It’s friggen gorgeous. We have not seen the 2 bedroom we will be getting, because the people have not moved out yet. But there are only a couple 2-beds in the place and to get one is nearly a miracle. We feel very lucky to have gotten this one. We did, however look at a one-bed just to get an idea — and we were pleased. (Obviously, or we wouldn’t have put down a “holding deposit” until we get to see the place.)

If we like what we see, which I’m pretty sure we will…. I could be in there by the 3rd week in May. Less than a month away.

Unfortunatly, I’m less than a mile away from where I live now. In fact, I’m about 4 blocks.


Oh well. It’s an apartment!!


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