Sometimes I honestly feel priveledged to be on…

Sometimes I honestly feel priveledged to be on a “recommended” list of such a wonderful blog known as Snazzypants. She deserves national Blogger attention. Really. All those “web-celebs” out there are filled with crap content, not unlike my own… but they’re design skills is what make people say “hey, you’re cool. I’m going to blog (link) you.” Then someone else does the same thing and the big revolving circle of pop-culture bloggers sees another good designer and welcomes them into their haven. But, tell me what their content is. Tell me what they have to say. I bet you can’t. You’re too admirable of their design rather than what they have to say which is NOTHING anyway because they’re just trying to get people pay attention to them and make the bullshit content new and fresh to keep them coming so they’re there to witness the new design they have been working on.

But thisthis is what a good blog is all about.


Create until nothing is left to create.

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